FAQ about RideShare

What is a sharing eScooter/eBike ? It’s a kind of rental business, it combine with the most advanced IoT (internet of things) technology, Sharing eScooter/eBike is equipped with IoT device and GPS Tracker inside, it can be connected with a cloud server and tracked by operator’s platform all the time, users can start the sharing scooter through operator’s APP and pay for it on APP after usage .    What’s the difference between Sharing Scooter and Retail/Consumer Scooter ? The sharing scooter have stronger [...]

FAQ about Charging Station

What core components does the charging station include? Our station includes the IoT device, system data acquisition, power management, build-in charger, intelligent mechanical lock .   What’s the function of the charging station for RideShare ? Vehicle parking, vehicle locking and recharging automatically , it’s a complete ” Station” plug and play .   How many charging steps included in one station ? Each station includes 10-50pcs charging steps , it’s depand on clients’ requirement .   How much space does a station with 10PCS Scooters require ? One [...]

About APP / Application

FitRider APP   < for Retail Version  eScooter-T2  & eBike-M1 > Fitrider Official APP : Pls search “Fitrider” in APP store Whitelabel APP (without brand) is available for OEM customers : Pls search “scoobike” in APP store System:  IOS/Apple and Android This APP is just for retail version eScooter & eBike , but not for sharing version        Instruction of APP Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone then enter into the app ; Click “Connect” at the top of the screen to automatically switch pages; Continue to [...]

Fault Alarm System

FitRider Alarm System & Fault Detection System : FitRider products have Alarm System and Intelligent Fault Self-Detection System ; The smart display will show a code to tell users where is the problem ; Some code just means an early warning, not a real fault ; Please contact local FitRider distributor/dealer/reseller if you need any assistant ; Also you can contact our service team directly : [email protected] Please kindly check the instruction err code as follows :