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FitRider APP  

< for Retail Version  eScooter-T2  & eBike-M1 >

  • Fitrider Official APP : Pls search “Fitrider” in APP store
  • Whitelabel APP (without brand) is available for OEM customers : Pls search “scoobike” in APP store
  • System:  IOS/Apple and Android
  • This APP is just for retail version eScooter & eBike , but not for sharing version     
  • fitrider scooter app scoobike


  • Instruction of APP
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone then enter into the app ;
  2. Click “Connect” at the top of the screen to automatically switch pages;
  3. Continue to click “Connect” to select the model, click on the page picture, and automatically enter into the Bluetooth signal scanning page;
  4. The APP will self-scan the surrounding Bluetooth signal. When the app find the Bluetooth code, click it;
  5. Connection password is 000000 (you can modify it after login)
  6. A few seconds later, it will automatically connect the scooter or ebike, the Bluetooth connection indicator on the screen will light up, showing the APP connects successfully with the escooter or ebike.fitrider scooter app scoobike ivelo ebike


RideShare APP  

< for Shared eScooter/eBike >

  • FitRider provide customization service of your branded APP for your RideShare business ;
  • The total cost for a customized APP is about US$29,500 to US$37,000,  depands on your required functions ;
  • Usually it needs about 30-35 days to complete .
  • Our current overseas clients who are using our Sharing eScooter/eBike also can sell their own whitelable APP for your Sharing business, they’re located in Europe and Russia .

Fitrider APP for RideShare

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