FAQ about Charging Station

charging station rideshare station

  • What core components does the charging station include?

Our station includes the IoT device, system data acquisition, power management, build-in charger, intelligent mechanical lock .


  • What’s the function of the charging station for RideShare ?

Vehicle parking, vehicle locking and recharging automatically , it’s a complete ” Station” plug and play .


  • How many charging steps included in one station ?

Each station includes 10-50pcs charging steps , it’s depand on clients’ requirement .


  • How much space does a station with 10PCS Scooters require ?

One station with 10PCS Scooters require 5 m² .


  • How is the power cable arranged ? Wires go underground ?

Power cables go inside the station frame and go underground .


  • Can the station compatible with other brand scooter like XiaoMi or Ninebot models ?

Our station only compatible with our own eScooter (T2S) and eBike (M2), but can not support others’ scooter/ebike models .


  • Can I just buy the station only ?

Sorry, we can not just supply station only because it’s not workable and not compatible with other scooter/ebike model .