FAQ about RideShare

china fitrider scooter rideshare solution docking station

  • What is a sharing eScooter/eBike ?

It’s a kind of rental business, it combine with the most advanced IoT (internet of things) technology, Sharing eScooter/eBike is equipped with IoT device and GPS Tracker inside,

it can be connected with a cloud server and tracked by operator’s platform all the time, users can start the sharing scooter through operator’s APP and pay for it on APP after usage . 


  • What’s the difference between Sharing Scooter and Retail/Consumer Scooter ?

The sharing scooter have stronger structure, heavier weight due to thick material , non-foldable frame, bigger battery capacity and it’s cables hidden inside frame, what’s more it has build-in IOT/GPS device .


  • How to do RideShare/Rental business ?

Step-1: You need to develop or rent a workable excellent Scooter-Sharing platform, includes Phone APP and Back-end Software ;

Step-2: You need to find an experienced manufacturer of scooter/ebike to supply you the eScooter eBike with safety, durable and solid features and less maintenance ;

Step-3: You need to find an experienced supplier of IoT Module to integrate IoT with your sharing scooter / ebike products .


  • What’s the MOQ (minimum order quantity) of Sharing Scooter/ebike order ?

The MOQ of sharing scooter/ebike with IoT device is 200 units, we accept mixed order (eScooter+eBike) .


  • What’s the Delivery Time for Sharing Scooter/eBike Order ?

It’s depand on current production schedule, usually it needs 35-50 days includes IoT integration .


  • Is sample order acceptable ?

Sample order of Scooter/eBike without IoT device is acceptable , if you need a whole sharing scooter/ebike with IoT device, please contact us for more info .


  • “Can we use your FitRider APP for RideShare business ? “

Our FitRider APP is just used for consumers, it’s not specially for RideShare, as RideShare APP should has more function like Scan, Location, Calculation and Payment, considering the safety for you, you should develop your own branded APP for your RideShare business, using other company’s APP is not a good choise.


  • “Can you customize our own branded APP for our RideShare business and what’s the approximate cost and time ? “

Yes, we can customize your branded APP for RideShare business, the cost is about US$29,500 to US$37,000, it depands on the functions you want on your APP , usually it needs about 50-55 days to complete .


  • What’s the function of the charging station for RideShare ?

Parking, automatic Locking and automotic Recharging , it’s a complete Station “Plug and Play” .


  • What core components does the charging station include?

Station includes Intelligent Lock/Data Acquisition System/Power Supply System/Build-in Charger/Buzzer .