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Intelligent Lock:

  • Vehicle’s Intelligent lock , controlled by APP/IoT
  • Battery’s Intelligent lock , controlled by APP/IoT
  • Both are machenical lock
  • Locking/Unlocking the removable battery, Locking/Unlocking the vehicle .

Intelligent Lock Solution prevents vehicles from being stolen.

Fitrider sharing scooter lock

2022 fitrider charging station



Parking Bays/Charging Stand:

  • Integrated Charging Interface
  • Power Supply System
  • No exposed charging cable
  • Durable Intelligent Lock

Multifunctional Station, Auto-Locking and Auto-Charging .



Station Features:

  • Internally integrated smart lock and charging interface
  • Automatically Station, no manual operation required
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum construction
  • Support deployments in city spaces

It‘s a complete Station “Plug and Play”.

Fitrider docking station

Why Docking Station ?

Today’s issues about RideShare :

Parked everywhere on sidewalks, Sharing Escooters & Ebikes cause inconveniences for local residents and vehicles are also suffering from  damages and steal,    the authorities are actually looking for solutions as they want to strengthen the regulation towards sharing  scooters/bikes, the authorities have started to regulate the parking of these sharing scooters by defining parking areas in the cities.

Meanwhile for the operators, the labor cost for Battery Charging is also a large long-term expense.

Seeing all these issues, we believe in a rapid growing demand of a docking/charging station in the coming years, and our Charging Station with locking&charging function solves the difficulty of battery recharging and effectively prevents theft, it helps a lot for the local city management. Click here- Charging/Docking Station


We’re ready for Tomorrow :

Our R&D team has 10 years experience and spent 2 years on the development of Entire RideShare Solution includes Sharing eScooter/eBike, Swappable Battery Solution, IoT device, IoT Intelligent Lock, Power Supply System and Docking/Charging Station, the station has functions of Auto-Locking and Auto-Charging, it’s a complete Station “Plug and Play”. Now we’re the wolrd first to supply entire RideShare Solutions includes vehicles, IoT devices, Smart Lock and Charging Station .

The urban mobility revolution is coming, contact us now for more info !

The most effective solution for Short-Distance travel, Smart Locking/Charging and City Vehicle Management .


Video Instruction of Charging Station

How to start RideShare/Rental business with FitRider ?


  • Pls build a server and provide us your IP and PORT for IoT integration,

      (Click here-How to build a server ?) 


  • Pls prepare your branded APP for RideShare business with function of location/counting/payment,

       (Click here-How to customize your branded APP of RideShare ?) 


  • FITRIDER supply you Sharing Scooter (TS10) and Sharing ebike (LS20) with swappable battery design and build-in IoT/GPS device, FITRIDER develop the IoT device by selves, so we can provide quick-service for clients’ customization requirement on IoT device, so far we completed the function of Firmware update supported on the cloud, Electronic fence (Geo fence), Anti-Theft Alarm, etc…

           (Click here-The best choise of Shared Scooter)


  • FITRIDER provide the Charging Solution for our brand Sharing eScooter/eBike, 1) Quick-change/Swappable Battery, 2) Docking/Charging Station .