Support under epidemic

Dear our customers , under the current coronavirus epidemic situation worldwide, we’re ready to provide any help to our current customers overseas, we currently have several reliable cooperative factories that can supply CE approval disposable protective mask, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves, pls feel free to let us know if you need any help. Hope this epidemic emergency will finish soon and wishing you health & safety ! Contact info for mask & anti-epidemic goods : [email protected] Disposable Protective Mask   Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Disposable Gloves Due to the high risk [...]

FAQ about RideShare

What is a sharing eScooter/eBike ? It’s a kind of rental business, it combine with the most advanced IoT (internet of things) technology, Sharing eScooter/eBike is equipped with IoT device and GPS Tracker inside, it can be connected with a cloud server and tracked by operator’s platform all the time, users can start the sharing scooter through operator’s APP and pay for it on APP after usage .    What’s the difference between Sharing Scooter and Retail/Consumer Scooter ? The sharing scooter have stronger [...]

FAQ about Charging Station

What core components does the charging station include? Our station includes the IoT device, system data acquisition, power management, build-in charger, intelligent mechanical lock .   What’s the function of the charging station for RideShare ? Vehicle parking, vehicle locking and recharging automatically , it’s a complete ” Station” plug and play .   How many charging steps included in one station ? Each station includes 10-50pcs charging steps , it’s depand on clients’ requirement .   How much space does a station with 10PCS Scooters require ? One [...]

About APP / Application

FitRider APP   < for Retail Version  eScooter-T2  & eBike-M1 > Fitrider Official APP : Pls search “Fitrider” in APP store Whitelabel APP (without brand) is available for OEM customers : Pls search “scoobike” in AP store System:  IOS/Apple and Android This APP is just for retail version eScooter & eBike , but not for sharing version        Instruction of APP Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone then enter into the app ; Click “Connect” at the top of the screen to automatically switch pages; Continue to [...]

Fault Alarm System

FitRider Alarm System & Fault Detection System : FitRider products have Alarm System and Intelligent Fault Self-Detection System ; The smart display will show a code to tell users where is the problem ; Some code just means an early warning, not a real fault ; Please contact local FitRider distributor/dealer/reseller if you need any assistant ; Also you can contact our service team directly : [email protected] Please kindly check the instruction err code as follows :